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"Stéphan Sémirat" <> writes:

> is there anything standard in writing document that contains math ?
> I mean : if i want to write a math article in XML, how can i tag
> theorems, lemmas, proofs, etc ?  <theorem></theorem>,
> <lemma></lemma>, <proof></proof> ?  The math working group has
> created mathml for math formulae, but is there something similar for
> a "mathematical text" ? Or any try to a standardized Mathml+XHTML
> math paper (<div class="theorem"></div> ?) ?  (i mean something that
> would be used by publishers, referencers,...).

GELLMU "article".  CTAN:/suport/gellmu

It provides LaTeX-like markup for writing article-level documents.

SGML is an intermediate stage, so you may write an article that
way if you prefer (but then you lose \newcommand with arguments).

Theorems, lemmas, etc are discussed in section 6.2 of the user
or in an XHTML+MathML capable browser

The example document at
makes use of such things.  (.xmh is a suffix used locally for
serving XHTML as "text/xml" while "application/xhtml+xml" lacks
universal recognition.)

Source files and PDF versions are available parallel using the
suffixes ".glm" and ".pdf", respectively.

                                    -- Bill

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