Re: textual math dtd ?


you might be interested in the OMDoc format (or some modules of it), you can 
find it at, if you have questions, direct them to me.

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Stéphan Sémirat wrote:
> Hi,
> is there anything standard in writing document that contains math ?
> I mean : if i want to write a math article in XML, how can i tag theorems, lemmas, proofs, etc ?
> <theorem></theorem>, <lemma></lemma>, <proof></proof> ?
> The math working group has created mathml for math formulae, but is there something similar for a "mathematical text" ? Or any try to a standardized Mathml+XHTML math paper (<div class="theorem"></div> ?) ?
> (i mean something that would be used by publishers, referencers,...).
> Thanks a lot,
> Regards,
> Stephan Semirat

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