Re: textual math dtd ?

> is there anything standard in writing document that contains math ?
> I mean : if i want to write a math article in XML, how can i tag theorems, lemmas, proofs, etc ?
> <theorem></theorem>, <lemma></lemma>, <proof></proof> ?

AFAIK there is no dominant DTD, but you can try Electronic Manuscript Standard (ISO 12083), it includes DTDs for articles, books and serials
There are tons of other DTDs that can capture article's structure, for example DocBook, OMDoc, XDF, AXML, TPML etc.

> Or any try to a standardized Mathml+XHTML math paper (<div class="theorem"></div> ?) ?
> (i mean something that would be used by publishers, 
> referencers,...).
If scientific publishers will ever switch to XML,
they will probably design their own DTDs (like it happened in LaTeX).

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Received on Thursday, 7 October 2004 13:48:15 UTC