Re: MathML on the Mac using TechExplorer (was Re: Embedded MathML example ?)


> Awesome, amazing... embedded MathML is working... !

another happy user:-)

Paul quoted me as saying
> m.html at bottom of this msg. It is in fact the pmathml.xml test file
> from run through the following 5 line stylesheet.
> [....]

In case anyone was wondering, the stylesheet mentioned is


<xsl:import href="pmathml.xsl"/>

<xsl:param name="activex" select="'techexplorer-plugin'"/>

<xsl:output method="html" encoding="iso-8859-1" indent="no"/>


which converts an xhtml+mathml document (with "inline" XHTML into an
HTML document with the MathML  &lt;-quoted into an attribute of an embed
element ready to be passed to techexplorer using the netscape plugin


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