MathML on the Mac using TechExplorer (was Re: Embedded MathML example ?)

Awesome, amazing... embedded MathML is working... !

you'll find:
-  blop.html which is your html file (see the source), containing embed  
tags and MathML content.
- blop_result.png which shows the result in Safari (1.2, top-right),  
OmniWeb (5.1-b4, bottom-right), and Mozilla (1.7.3, left). All this  
with, just, the TechExplorer plugin installed.

It's not entirely perfect but it's a good good start:
- actively maintained MathML rendering (TechExplorer)
- including predictable fonts (TechExplorer installer-controlled fonts,  
that is)

- in Mozilla, the quality  is bad and 100% CPU is used, but Mozilla has  
its own, with some drawbacks, ah well !
- you still have to specify the size... maybe CSS or JS or... can help  
to make some relative measures here... to be dug!

One should test this on other browsers (MSIE for some that still have  
it, Camino, Opera for Mac, FireFox, ...).

Great news!


Le 24 nov. 04, à 18:02, David Carlisle a écrit :

> sorry, I'll do it now:-)
> m.html at bottom of this msg. It is in fact the pmathml.xml test file
> from run through the following 5 line stylesheet.
> [....]
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