Questions on accent attribute


I am sorry for too many questions, but I can not understand how
the MathML renderer should behave for accent attribute of mover.

There is a description in as follows:
The default value of accent is false, unless overscript is an mo element .... 
If overscript is an mo element, the value of its accent attribute is used as the 
default value of accent for mover.
This sentence says that the value of the child element (mo) influences
the default value of its parent element (mover).

There is also an example as bellow.

  <mover accent="true">
    <mi> x </mi>
    <mo> &Hat; </mo>
  <mover accent="false">
    <mi> x </mi>
    <mo> &Hat; </mo>

As a entry of operator dictionary for &Hat; specifies accent="true", 
the accent of both mo elements will be set as "true". But the rendering
image shows that accent attributes of mo are not effective for
rendering of &Hat.

The description in the spec seems to say that accent attribute
of mover overrides the value of accent attribute of its child (mo).

It seems to be strange that sometimes the attribute of parent
overrides the attribute of its child, but sometimes the attribute
value of child sets the value of its parent.

I hope someone will explain about the spec.

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