Re: bugzilla for errata tracking

Le 29-Jun-04, à 18:24 Uhr, Max Froumentin a écrit :
> Oh yes, I am perfectly willing to. I just want some assurance from
> Paul that if URLs to this system are used on member-math or www-math,
> then they should remain valid for as long as possible.

On this I invite people to be careful when speaking about URLs because 
Jira has, precisely, taken care of making URLs very readable.
Unfortunately, some URLs aren't always (e.g. sometimes the URL of the 
project page).
Good URLs to an issue are of the form:
(project page)
(this is a test bug, a private one)
Also note that we shall make them slightly better some time from now so 
that they are not using such a fancy port number as 3080. This will 
need two or three weeks, I fear.


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