Re: where can my mathml-x project contribute?

Hi Roger,

"Roger I Martin PhD" <> wrote:

> With Chris Ebert, I started a project that takes MathML and
> generates(via XSLT) Java source code that can be runtime compiled
> and used programmatically.  It is hosted at
>  I have a lightweight
> Graphics2D-based MathML DOM implementation developing.  There are
> also examples being developed both of MathML and the use of the
> mathml-x code generation.

Seems interesting. Please let us know when you release something
so I can put it on the list of implementations on

> The deliverables under the active Charter mention DOM implementation
> and Test Suite.  How far is it? If there is overlap with the
> mathml-x project I would like to contribute.

The new charter started fairly recently and nothing has yet been done
regarding the MathML DOM or the Test Suite. You're welcome to
contribute on this mailing list, but the Math Interest Group is for
W3C members only, so there will necessarily be a delay between what the 
group does and what is announced publicly.



Received on Wednesday, 2 June 2004 08:02:13 UTC