Re: Combining markup

On 16-Apr-04, at 17:17 Uhr, Robert Miner wrote:
> In case it is useful to you, I should add that I think in current
> practice, mixed markup is relatively rare.  Most software and most
> projects I know of using MathML tend to use either presentation or
> content markup, but not to go in so much for mixing.  Probably the
> most common approach in situations where content MathML is needed is
> to use XSL to transform it to presentation MathML for display.

But isn't this a good cause for most MathML-presentation 
implementations to provide no (or a poor) sub-term selection mechanism 
While in my copy-and-paste explorations, I could see little done in the 
area of sub-term selection.

As I understand it, parallel markup is required if one wants to offer 
correct sub-term selection (i.e. a selection mechanism where the 2+3 is 
highlighted when the mouse as dragged over "2+").


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