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unicode.xml misses spaces in LaTeX mappings

From: Oleg A. Paraschenko <olpa@xmlhack.ru>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 22:16:47 +0400
To: www-math@w3.org
Message-Id: <20040409221647.1421b2d8.olpa@xmlhack.ru>


  I'm current using file "unicode.xml" that is "a collection of
information about how to map Unicode entities to LaTeX" and is "part of
the MathML 2 Recommendation XML source":


  I suspect that this file has several mistypes: not all TeX commands
have a space at the end.

  Correct example:

| <character id="U00024" dec="36" mode="mixed" type="normal">
|  <afii>00A4</afii>
|  <latex>\textdollar </latex>
|  ...
| </character>

  Incorrect example:

| <character id="U00306" dec="774" mode="mixed" type="diacritic">
|  <afii>00C6</afii>
|  <latex>\u</latex>
|  ...
| </character>

  I think that in the last example correct mapping is
"<latex>\u </latex>", not "<latex>\u</latex>".

  If you think that it is an error, then below is the list of incorrect

  Text mode:

0x00306: r'\u',
0x0030A: r'\r',
0x0030B: r'\H',
0x0030C: r'\v',
0x0030F: r'\cyrchar\C',    <-- by the way, I don't think that it is
                               the combining double grave accent
0x00327: r'\c',
0x00328: r'\k',
0x027FF: r'\sim\joinrel\leadsto',
0x1D6DC: r'\in',
0x1D716: r'\in',
0x1D750: r'\in',
0x1D78A: r'\in',
0x1D7C4: r'\in',

  Math mode:

0x002D8: r'\u',
0x00300: r'\grave',
0x00301: r'\acute',
0x00302: r'\hat',
0x00303: r'\tilde',
0x00304: r'\bar',
0x00306: r'\breve',
0x00307: r'\dot',
0x00308: r'\ddot',
0x0030C: r'\check',
0x02022: r'\bullet',
0x020A7: r'\Elzpes'.

  Regards, Oleg
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