RE: support of MathML in Safari?


We at Design Science would like to help in this effort. We would like to be
able to create a version of MathPlayer that works inside Safari and offer it
for free just as we do for Internet Explorer. We have been in contact with
someone at Apple that has promised to put us in contact with the Safari team
but that has not happened yet. Last time I looked, Safari had not committed
to supporting XML or to a plug-in interface rich enough to make MathPlayer
possible. But these things should not be insurmountable barriers and the
sooner we start addressing them the better.

The best thing that you and others on the www-math list can do is to tell
the Safari people how important MathML support in Safari is. I suspect that
MathML support is somewhere on a long wish list of Safari enhancements.
Input from parties other than those who stand to profit from the success of
MathML can help move it higher on that list.


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> Hello,
> I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether there are plans to 
> support MathML in future versions of Apple's browser Safari.
> Thanks for any info you can share.
> Daniel Jamous
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