Re: Directional derivative in content MathML?

Note that the extension mechanisms work fine here as well.
You can also write:

<declare type="vector"><ci>u</ci></declare>
  <csymbol definitionURL="directionalDerivative">D</csymbol>

where the definitionURL refers to an appropriate definition of D.

Stan D.

>>Is there an accepted notation for marking up directional (ie. vector) 
>>derivatives ( in 
>>content MathML?  My first inclination was to use the <gradient> tag, but 
>>that's not quite correct since it's really the dot product of the 
>>gradient and the unit direction vector.  Is the <diff/> tag appropriate 
>>here?  How would I specify the directional vector?  A <bvar> perhaps?

Received on Tuesday, 20 May 2003 17:28:10 UTC