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>"aljosa brlogar" <> writes:
>> Can I use WeM or any other converter and be off-line? I need this to convert
>> some docmunents for my degree.
>You can use WeM offline.

Also, i'm actually developping an off-line version of WeM (with more stuff like a function grapher, jpeg editor, ... to make it a self-contained math editor) under Delphi-Borland (but my employor (the national education, i'm a teacher in highschool)) does not seem to be interested, so that i'm looking for funds...

>The page is in French but here's a funny translation from Babelfish:
> WeM - Mathematical Web editor
>If you possedez an interpreter PHP (if not, see for example the
>distribution easyphp ), you can use the WeM editor on your premise,
>without connection. D?compressez the file in a repertory
>interpreted by PHP (for example: C:\Program Files\easyPHP\www \) and
>open the WeM.html file in your navigator (while entering for example
>the address: http://localhost/WeM/WeM.html). For a quality of made
>optimal, use rather the navigator Mozilla , or Netscape 7 .  Note: WeM
>free, is licenc? under licence LPG.

Well, it could be mine, does it ?

Stephan Semirat

Received on Thursday, 16 January 2003 12:25:41 UTC