Re: latex to mathml

Hi Aljosa,

"aljosa brlogar" <> writes:

> Can I use WeM or any other converter and be off-line? I need this to convert
> some docmunents for my degree.

You can use WeM offline.


The page is in French but here's a funny translation from Babelfish:

 WeM - Mathematical Web editor

If you possedez an interpreter PHP (if not, see for example the
distribution easyphp ), you can use the WeM editor on your premise,
without connection. D?compressez the file in a repertory
interpreted by PHP (for example: C:\Program Files\easyPHP\www \) and
open the WeM.html file in your navigator (while entering for example
the address: http://localhost/WeM/WeM.html). For a quality of made
optimal, use rather the navigator Mozilla , or Netscape 7 .  Note: WeM
free, is licenc? under licence LPG.



Received on Thursday, 16 January 2003 10:43:47 UTC