Re: Problem with MathPlayer and CSS


> I do not want to pass CSS style definitions below the <math> root.
> But I want to set the font-family on the level of a <math>-root with CSS.
> Enheritance from the parent node above the <math>-root is no solultion
> for inline math, if you want another font for the math as for the
> paragraph text.

Sorry for being so slow.  I understand the problem now.

> 1.)  using standard CSS:            math{font-family:MyFont}            
>         has no effect in MathPlayer,
>         but works in Mozilla

I think the prefix is the problem, as David was trying to get at.  In
IE, you stupidly have to do your CSS rule as

  m\:math  {color: red}

which is not going to be a solution for Mozilla.  The backslash is
important, and as far as I can tell, documented nowhere.

> 2.)  using CSS class:   .matml-inline{font-family:MyFont} 
>         does work in MathPlayer, but not in Mozilla

That's a drag.

> 3.) Using the depricated MathML 1.0 attribute "fontfamily"
>           math{fontfamily:MyFont}
>         has no effect in MathPlayer,

I think we ran into some problem with this -- I believe 
non-standard CSS properties didn't show up in IE's runtime CSS object
or something like that.  In any event, you are correct that MathPlayer
doesn't read MathML 1 attributes from CSS.
> So the only solution, I found so far,  working with MathPlayer AND Mozilla is to
> define it twice:
>      math          {font-family:"Times New Roman",times,CMSY10, CMEX10, Symbol}
>     .mathml-inline{font-family:"Times New Roman",times,CMSY10, CMEX10, Symbol}
>  with a mathml instance:
>     <math class="mathml-inline"  >....</math>

Ugh.  I think you could define rules for m\:math and math, which would
at least avoid having to set a class attribute on every instance.  But
I don't see any way around the double definition.  

It is surely unfortunate that the weaknesses in the IE+MathPlayer and
Mozilla implementations are so complementary.  Sigh.


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Received on Wednesday, 8 January 2003 11:48:08 UTC