RE: Problem with MathPlayer and CSS

I do not want to pass CSS style definitions below the <math> root.

But I want to set the font-family on the level of a <math>-root with CSS.

Enheritance from the parent node above the <math>-root is no solultion
for inline math, if you want another font for the math as for the
paragraph text.

1.)  using standard CSS:            math{font-family:MyFont}            
        has no effect in MathPlayer,
        but works in Mozilla
2.)  using CSS class:   .matml-inline{font-family:MyFont} 
        does work in MathPlayer, but not in Mozilla
3.) Using the depricated MathML 1.0 attribute "fontfamily"
        has no effect in MathPlayer,

So the only solution, I found so far,  working with MathPlayer AND Mozilla is to
define it twice:

     math          {font-family:"Times New Roman",times,CMSY10, CMEX10, Symbol}
    .mathml-inline{font-family:"Times New Roman",times,CMSY10, CMEX10, Symbol}
 with a mathml instance:
    <math class="mathml-inline"  >....</math>


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MathPlayer reads the CSS environment at the root node of a MathML, and
uses that information to initialize the fontsize, fontfamily,
fontstyle, fontweight, color, background and displaystyle (in the
language of MathML 1).

You can set the CSS environment at the root any way you want -- via
class or style attribute, through inheritance from a parent element,
etc.  MathPlayer merely consults the runtime CSS data structure, and
uses whatever it sees.

MathPlayer does not read the CSS environment at nodes below the <math>

There is a philosophical decision to be made as to whether one should
style MathML via CSS even in an environment that supports it.  There
is a practical argument and a theoretical one:

The practical argument is that Netscape 7/Mozilla and Amaya are
currently the only implementation where MathML can be styled via CSS.
By contrast, virtually all MathML implementations implement MathML's
own "style" machinery.

The theoretical argument is that it is dangerous to use CSS to
internally style MathML.  "Style" directives in equations, such as
setting a variable representing a Lie algebra in a fraktur font, are
not style information at all, but rather carry semantic meaning.
Thus, it is better to encode that directly in MathML.  If it is
accomplished via CSS, the meaning of an equation can be inadvertently
changed as a side-effect from replacing a stylesheet, etc.  

For these reasons, my own personal view is that equations should only
be styled via CSS at the root level, and internally, MathML's own
mechanism for controlling display properties should be used.  Of
course, I realize many will disagree.  


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