Re: Sneak Preview of F2 - Formula Finder

> What would be the best way to improve rendering time
> while keeping ampersand aliases for special math
> characters?

well you could possibly expand out the entities as you generate the xml
files from your database, but failing that, since it's your database you
know exactly what &xxx; there are, so you can make a
mathml.dtd file that _only_ has definitions for the entities that you
have. It doesn't have to have any element or attribute declarations.
(do call the file mathml.dtd then mozilla won't fetch it at all and will
use the one in its cache)

so all you need to do is extract a list of names from your database, then 
copy those lines from the file in Math/DTD/mathml2/xhtml-math11-f.dtd
of the form
<!ENTITY xxx "&#12344;">

then you can still use &xxx; in the file but the DOCTYPE can use a
SYSTEM id that points to a _much_ smaller file that is quicker to


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