pmathmlcss.xsl != readable???

Is there a version of the XSL style sheets which are readable?  The
files that I read are not really coded for reading; as in:

function mrowStretch (opid,opt,ope,opm,opb)

...what in the world do the variables "opid", "opt", "ope", "opm" and
"opb" represent (not to mention the other variables in the function.
The documentation for the function is also incomplete:

The mrowStretch function implements stretchy brackets. It is called
repeatedly, once for each mo child,after a span corresponding to an
mrow. The arguments are the id of teh span and the characters to use
for the parts of the stretch operator.
constructed fence. The

can anyone help me?  (especially with the function above).

Jimmy Cerra

Received on Thursday, 11 April 2002 01:00:20 UTC