Re: MathType comma bug?

Hi Michael,

> Design Science's MathType 5.0 translates an ordered pair (x,y) as
> <math display='block'>
>   <mrow>
>    <mrow><mo>(</mo>
>     <mrow>
>      <mi>x</mi>,<mi>y</mi>
>     </mrow>
>    <mo>)</mo></mrow>
>   </mrow>
> </math>

This is a known bug in the 5.0 translator.  We have fixed it for 5.1,
which is due out shortly.  If you have lots of MathML to deal with
where this problem comes up, write me off-list and I can send you a
preview of the 5.1 translator definition file.


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Received on Monday, 8 April 2002 10:51:50 UTC