MathML DTD: menclose attribute 'notation' and attribute inheritance

Hi !

For the implementation of attribute inheritance there must
not be a default declaration for such attributes in the DTD
because at present there is no way for an implementation 
module following an XML-parser to see if an attribute was 
set in the document or by a default value definition in the DTD.

On the contrary the REC-XML 1.0 in '3.3.2 Attribute Defaults'

If a default value is declared, when an XML processor encounters 
an omitted attribute, it is to behave as though the attribute were 
present with the declared default value.]

So I think

<!ATTLIST %menclose.qname;  
      notation CDATA 'longdiv' >

should be replaced by

<!ATTLIST %menclose.qname;  
      notation CDATA        #IMPLIED" >

It seems to be the only place in the MathML-DTD
with a default value definition for an attribute with
optional inheritance from an mstyle element attribute.

Is there any chance that in the future an implementation module
following an XML-parser can distinguish between attributes 
explicitly set in the document and attributes not set in the 
document but defined as default in the DTD or Schema ?


Received on Saturday, 6 April 2002 10:33:33 UTC