Re: W3-MathML questions: real/float, annotation, etc.

> a) It is not clear what the difference between "float" and "real.
> (I cannot find "float" anymore, maybe the PDF file is/was older

I think there is none.

It may be that an errata clarification is needed:

the description of cn:

does not list float amongst the allowed types (just real).


the general description of the type attrib:

does include float.

I'll raise this with the working group....

> Also the difference between "complex" and "complex-cartesian" is not
> clear. (I guess there is none.)

the description of this changed slightly in one of the later drafts.
Basically complex-cartesian/complex-polar should only be allowed on cn
where they are needed to understand the <sep/>  construct.
Earlier drafts allowed these also on <ci> but it makes no sense there,
a complex identifier is a logical element of the complex numbers it is
neither cartesian nor polar, so on ci the final draft just allows

> b) Are there any guidelines which <semantic/> presentations should be
> favoured and if it is allowed to have both xml-annotations MathML-Content
> and/or MathML-Presentation (the examples use only the latter).

You can have both (you can annotate a content expression with
presentation or visa versa). The default presentation of a semantic
element is the presentation of its base (the annotations are just
annotations) although when I did that in xmltex, I  rendered the thing
as the presentation-mathml annotation, if such an annotation was given.

> c) Do you know a list of the different presentations of mathematical
> operators (such as "n over k" which I cannot find in the HTML version).

I think the answer is no, but I'm not sure I understand the question,
could you expand it slightly?


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