MKM'2001 CFP

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                                  MKM 2001

      First International Workshop on Mathematical Knowledge Management

            RISC, A-4232 Schloss Hagenberg, September 24-26, 2001


             Special Issue on Mathematical Knowledge Management

              Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Mathematical Knowledge Management is an exciting new field in the
intersection of mathematics and computer science.

We need efficient, new techniques - based on sophisticated formal
mathematics and software technology - for taking fruit of the enormous
knowledge available in current mathematical sources and for organizing
mathematical knowledge in a new way.

The Workshop and the Special Issue should bring together math
researchers, software developers, publishing companies, math
organizations, and teachers for exchanging their views and approaches
and for pushing the field.

Whereas the workshop is designed to provide a forum for discussion and
presentation of early ideas, the special issue is a forum for
polished, refereed papers in the area of mathematical knowledge
management.  Participation and presentation of talks and papers is
possible in both the workshop and the special issue, jointly or

Workshop Organizers:

   * Bruno Buchberger (General Chair)
   * Olga Caprotti (Managing Chair)

Special Issue Editors:

   * Bruno Buchberger (RISC-Linz)
   * Gaston Gonnet (ETHZ)
   * Michiel Hazewinkel (CWI)

International Program Committee:

(currently being formed)


Important Dates

 Immediate:            send title of intended talks and/or papers to 

 June 15, 2001:        submit extended abstracts or full papers for the
 July 15, 2001:        notification of acceptence for the workshop

 September 1, 2001:    papers for the workshop proceedings to be
                       distributed at the workshop
 September 24-26, 2001:Workshop at RISC, Hagenberg, Austria
 December 31, 2001:    full papers for the special issue
 February 28, 2001:    notification of acceptence for the special issue
 May 31, 2001:         final version of papers for the special issue
 Fall 2002:            Special Issue to appear

Call for Papers:

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