typographical errors in MathML specification

I have some typographical errors to report in the specification:

in section 4.2.5 line 5 should be 
... For example they can be used with an int element

in section 2nd paragraph, 2nd line should be
... Symbolically, the content model can be described as

in section 5.1.2 2nd line should be
... For example a program

                 paragraph 6 line 5 should be
... of attaching an external semantic definition to content objects.

in section 5.2 line 6 should be
... expression as a whole

section 5.2.1 2nd paragraph, line 3 should be 
... A Continuous block of

              3rd paragraph, line 2/3 should be
... when a token element contains

the last sentence / block of MathML, I think is suspect. (This last is not
just typographical)



Received on Monday, 29 January 2001 16:46:58 UTC