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Dear Susan,

Thanks, as ever, for your great care in providing corrections.
David, and Stan seem to have gone ahead and adopted most
of the already.

A couple I personally particularly welcome are

At 2:01 AM -0800 1/28/01, Susan Lesch wrote:
>Globally, "whitespace" is two words, "white space"


At 2:01 AM -0800 1/28/01, Susan Lesch wrote:
> par. 2
>style sheets

This I welcome although, as David remarks, XSL seems to have gone for a
neologism here.

However, I agree with David that I think we are entitled to use
"braces" and not "curly brackets", even though there may be
a Unicode name CURLY BRACKETS.  We know that Unicode sometimes
adopts rather arbitrary usage because of their own difficulties
with consistency.  Is there another use of "brace" as a character
name that I am unaware of?
>  > Also globally, "braces" are "curly brackets,"
>Brace is a widely used name for this character, including the TeX name
>for it and one of the MathML entity names ({). It seems perfectly
>OK to use the same name in text the characters are called that in MathML

It's probably true that many blanks are spaces, but I don't think we
need to limit to only one word used here, myself.

You remark we need a Conformance section.  That seems a good idea,  We
do have more trouble using the sort of "super-ego vocabulary" than some
people do, because there is often enough a range of acceptable results
which will serve the community's mathematical needs.  Or so it seems
to us.  However, we should probably adopt the RFC references to make
the spec more easily accepted.

You are quite right that we need to keep in harmony with Unicode over
At 2:01 AM -0800 1/28/01, Susan Lesch wrote:
> and 
>say "Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols."

Thanks for finding many cases of other usages.

Best regards,

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