Re: Comments for PR-MathML2-20010108

> > The Description of MMLdefinitions in C.2.x all say "See also . [?]
> > 
>  ********** xslt scripting issue ?

Ouch. sorry. This is fallout from the change from : to _ in id names
(to be compatible with Microsoft's XSL system, and the letter of the xml
namespace rec) I missed one place in the stylesheet where id names were
constructed with a :. 
Will fix now.

> ***********  Needs external link and needs to address "self-contained" aspect.
> e.g.  (extract section related to this definition and you get the entire definition - not
> just a hyperlink.)

Not sure what you're proposing here.
Is it sufficient to globally change
Abramowitz and Stegun
Abramowitz and Stegun <bibcite ref="Abramowitz1996"/>

which follows the pattern of our other citation keys and would produce
Abramowitz and Stegun [Abramowitz1996]
with the  [Abramowitz1996] being a link to the references. A suitable
entry would need adding to references.xml as well, of course)

> > C.1 par. 1
> > (An index to the definitions is provided later in this document.)
> > [Where? Could you link to it here?]
> >
>  ***************  David ?

why me:-)
Actually I'm not sure what is meant here. Do we mean secton
C.2 Definitions of MathML Content Elements
obviously we could link to this, but I'm not sure I'd call this an
index, it's ordered by function not alphabetically.
So maybe we just delete this parenthetic remark ?


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