Is MathML suitable for my requirements

Hi there,
It might sound like a rather awkward question but I've read through most of
the theory behind MathML on different sites but I'm still confused whether
or not I shall use MathML.  I'm not a professional website designer but
this is the first time I'm embarking on designing a website a as a part of
my final year degree project.  My goal is to develop a website which
teaches Ordinary Differential Equations to Engineers.  The website has to
be interactive to the extent that it allows users to to type in their
Mathematical problems (mainly Engineering applications) and get the answers
there and then.  I'd like to cover all the anlytical and numerical methods
for 1st and higher order O.D.E's.  One of the main objectives is to make
the website interact with Mathematical software Mple to allow the users to
solve questions online.  
Can u please suggest whether or not I can meet my objectives using MathML.
If not could you suggest another language which would exactly meet my
requirements.  One simple question, can MathML codes be embedded in HTML
like JavaScript.  I shall be grateful if someone can help me come out of
this dilemma! Thanks

Received on Friday, 12 January 2001 19:38:58 UTC