Re: MathML Equation Labels

> I'd appreciate hearing if you have any favorite, free plugins.

well since probably the authors of all MathML software are on this list,
I'm not really going to answer that:-)

If by plugin you mean something to make mathml appear in internet
explorer and netscape (as opposed to say amaya or mozilla which are
browsers with native presentation MathML support) then your choices are
(I think) techexplorer and webeq (or both, they don't interfere with
each other and you can easily make side-by-side renderings and make your
own comparisons).

You might like to peruse

which has sections written by many implementors stating where they think
they have got to with respect to MathML 2 implementation.


Oh I just noticed that you're posting from an IBM address, in which case
I suppose Techexplorer is your natural choice:-)

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