Create StyleSheet For Math or DTD

Hello There,

I am currently working on a project call "Geodetic Glossary".  In my
glossaries, I have lots of Math Equation.  However, when I wrote my java

program to convert the glossaries text files into xml files.  Then I use

XSLT to generate them in HTML format.
Here is an example:
  <PrimaryDef>The quantity RT/gM, where g is the acceleration of
gravity, M is  the mass of the atmosphere below the height where the
temperature is T, and R  is the gas constant 8.3143 $x 10[3~ J/(kmol $.

8.3143 $x 10[3~J/(kmol $. K ).  $x is mean multiply, 10[3~ is mean 10^3,

and $. is mean a dot in between kmol and K.

I did you EX-math to convert the text equation into MathML.  However,
when I add them in my xml files and try to transform it into HTML
format.  It doesn't show the right math equation.  Should I write a DTD
for it or XSLT? How do I find an easy way to do.  I have lots of math
equations in all my xml files.

Please help,

Thank you very much for your assistant.


Received on Thursday, 26 April 2001 05:29:51 UTC