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"I create XML documents which contains also equations as <math>. Ive written
a XSLT file to display my documents, but how can I display the MathML part?
Does a xsl-stylesheet exist which I could include into my stylesheet?"

I am assuming that the original documents are marked-up in some low-level
domain-specific "markup language" (say, MyML) and that by "display" you 
mean XSLT style sheet for MyML --> [X]HTML.

There are two ways to include MathML fragments in MyML documents. In either
case, I would suggest making use of XML Namespaces.

1. MathML Content Markup. Low-Level, Context-Sensitive, Preferable.
2. MathML Presentation Markup. Higher-Level, Presentation-Oriented, Superior 
   Rendering Support Available.

If you use 1., then depending on your requirements you may want to transform
that to 2.

XSLT style sheets for transforming documents from 1. --> 2. exist:



although I am not sure if either of them entirely support MathML 2.0.

If you use 2., (it could be seen as the last stop in the presentation
pipeline and) you could pass it "as-is" in your original XSLT style sheet.

If you mix 1. and 2., then improvise.

Hope this helps.

Pankaj Kamthan

Received on Tuesday, 10 April 2001 11:05:58 UTC