MathML Parser in Java

Hello, all.

We have a web application which relies heavily on mathematical score
calculating algorithms to calculate scores of individual users of the site,
based on their activities.  This web based application uses Java servlets as
a backend.

At the moment, the actual scoring algorithms are hard-coded as Java code in
the classes themselves.

As a feature in our next release, I want to abstract the mathematical
scoring model from the processing code.  I want it to be such that the
mathematical model can be stored in, say, a MathML XML file, which is read
by the engine and used to calculate scores.   To achieve this, I need a way
for the java engine to read this MathML file, parse the XML, and extract the
algorithms so that it could be processed accordingly.

Is there such a parser in existence already?  And if not, how would I go
about writing one, and what market demand would there be for such a parser
on its own?

Help is much appreciated, I am very new to MathML myself!

Responses to is much appreciated!


Manik Surtani

Received on Friday, 13 October 2000 05:54:31 UTC