Comments on "Overview" in the MathML Last Call Draft


"Also available as: HTML zip archive, XHTML zip archive, XML zip archive, 
PDF (screen), PDF (paper)"

1. It would useful to make the links absolute in all of the above. Once any 
one of the archives is downloaded, the links to any of the above don't work 
in that copy.

2. Appendix H says "text of specification now in XML form ...", so I am 
assuming that this is the normative version. But then, in the archive: 

(a) No associated DTD is provided. (So, one can only, at best, guess the 
structure that the files included correspond to.)

(b) No associated style sheet is provided. (So, no display semantics.) It may 
be useful here to (i) have a CSS style sheet, and/or (ii) an XSLT style sheet 
that generates the non-XML versions (Appendix H points to this), and/or (iii) 
both. Both (i) and (ii) provide a "document view" of the XML version. (i) 
may be useful for direct rendering in a browser that is sensitive to XML 
syntax and supports CSS. (ii) may not entirely be necessary as the resulting 
out formats (HTML, XHTML, PDF) are already provided.

Another issue, though not all that material, is that the filename prefixes of 
files included in the XML version vary from those in the HTML version.


Received on Thursday, 1 June 2000 01:35:07 UTC