Re: A few questions/suggestions about MathML 2.0


> A*B = { <x,y> | x\in A /\ y\in B }
> with the binding of two variables x and y.

MathML as specified doesn't really give a good method of marking up this
construction. Thank you for highlighting this deficiency.

For MathML2 we now plan to deprecate the existing usage of set with
_just_ a bound variable and a condition and instead make the
set constructor take one or more bvar elements specifying bound
variables (x and y in your example) a condition element specifying
the predicate  ( x\in A /\ y\in B  here) and (new) the remaining
child being an expression in the bound variables for constructing the
elements of the set.  <x,y> here. The current usage where the
last expression is omitted, and the set ranges over the bound variable
will be deprecated. (Note this is only a plan at present, we have
to see how this would affect other parts of MathML, and existing MathML

> 2) unlike many (but not all) other examples, the "Default rendering" 
> does not render the "Example".

This was an existing issue item for us to bring all the default
renderings into line with the examples.

Thanks again for your comments,


Received on Tuesday, 29 February 2000 14:11:11 UTC