Corrections to REC-MathML-19990707


While browsing through

"Content Element Definitions" looking for the signatures
of the n-ary relational operators I noticed the sections:

    F. <eq/> 
    F. <neq/> 
    F. <gt/> 
    F. <lt/> 
    F. <geq/> 
    F. <leq/> 

have some mistakes.
  * None of these relations are commutative (some are marked as
    being so)
  * The signatures and comments mark some of the relations as
    binary and some as n-ary; the definitions do not agree with
    section 4.2.4 "Relations" of the main document, e.g. <neq/>
    is listed as a binary relation in 4.2.4, and as an n-ary
    relation [with a binary signature] in F.

-Fred Curtis (

Received on Tuesday, 29 February 2000 02:45:03 UTC