Re: comments re draft version 2.0

Robert and Stan did catch me sleeping on the question of content vs.
presentation.  Sorry.

I believe that the technique of special-loaded DVI's knows
no bounds other than an author's reasonable patience (and the danger
of overloading the design of DVI).

I have said here before that I believe that LaTeX-like markup, when
enhanced by symbol declarations with associated *typing*, can be used
to generate any reasonable SGML for math with significant, but not
enormous, changes in the habits of those accustomed to LaTeX.

This can be implemented either using the method of special-loaded
DVI's or else using a LaTeX-like markup interface for an authoring
SGML application followed by standard SGML-style processing to
generate public XML.

But is anyone thinking about a public typing system?

And are there extant ways to generate presentation MathML?

                                   -- Bill

Received on Tuesday, 11 April 2000 13:37:14 UTC