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Thank You for your help. I downloaded the current Open Math standard and I
am in the process of studying it. I have an important concern: Are these
standards going to be appropriate for communicating huge objects 
(matrices, etc...)? As I read this material, I realize that my
applications requirements are a little different, and I am trying to
decide if MathML/Openmath is the way to proceed with my research.

Also, are there any optimization people involved in these discussions? I
would really appreciate if one of you could get in touch.


On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Stan Devitt wrote:

> Apologies,   I meant to send this as plain text.
> There is provision for extensions that handle such things.
> It is through the csymbol element.  For example, a
> sparse matrix representation could be defined so that
> For example, you could write:
> <apply><csymbol definitionURL=".../SparseMatrix">SparseMatrix</csymbol>
>     <vector><cn>5</cn><cn>5</cn><cn>
>     <vector><cn>1</cn><cn>1</cn><cn> 3.232432423</cn></vector>
>     <vector><cn>1</cn><cn>2</cn><cn> 3.01</cn></vector>
>     <vector><cn>1</cn><cn>5</cn><cn> 3.43543453</cn></vector>
> </apply>
> to mean a 5 by 5 sparse matrix with the a[i,j] specified for selected 
> coordinates.  Column defined matrices could be handled in a similar
> manner.
> The presentation is handled via XSLT and can range from something
> as simple as listing the non-zero table entries, c/w coordinates, through 
> to generating an actual matrix.
> What is needed is an agreed apon vocabulary and then
> references to those definitions.  Building such a vocabulary 
> is one of the goals of the OpenMath project.  The MathML content
> definitions match (or will shortly) a specific collection of those
> definitions.  Both groups are tracking changes closely.
> Stan Devitt

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