About translation

Hi. I read a comment about translation of specification, and I wish to do that.
I'm korean. and I've been work for authoring and translating.
I wrote 3 books about internet, utility, and stylesheet. and translate
one book titled microsoft access.

so if you give me a chance, I want translate MathML 1.01 Specification into korean.
in other word, I want post translated document in w3c web site. so any korean
could get it, and read it with thier first language.
I don't want any reward and restriction of this document. you know.
so if you accept my proposal, reply this email please. and I'll get into this work.

Please contact me with this mail address  neomate@channeli.net 
I'll be wating for your reply.

Received on Friday, 23 July 1999 10:30:58 UTC