Re: MathML vs HTML math, vs ???

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Sam Dooley wrote:

> At 09:30 AM 27-01-98 +0100, Gregory A. Landrum wrote:
> >> 	Currently there is nothing that lets me display math, and it looks like
> >> 	what whatever is coming will not address these needs either.
> >> Try the TechExplorer plugin for a current solution.
> >
> >I thought this was a great idea.  Then I went to the TechExplorer
> >page and discovered that it is only available for Windows systems.
> You can download the latest versions of the techexplorer plugin
> from the IBM AlphaWorks page.  You will find there versions for
> Windows 95/NT, AIX 4.1, and Solaris 2.5.  The URL is:

yeah, this was my mistake.  I had just looked at the base techexplorer
page, saw that it was only there for windows, raised my hands, and
gave up.  This morning I pulled down the AIX version of the plug-in.

I installed it and played with it a little bit and, aside from a couple
of small complaints that may be addressed by a more thorough reading of 
the documentation, I'm quite pleased.  Though it is a plug-in solution,
which is sub-optimal, it is a lot better than the current alternatives.
The huge advantage for me (from an author's perspective) is that
I can just feed in LaTeX math expressions, which I know how to

Thanks for the pointers!


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