Re: MathML vs HTML math, vs ???

At 09:30 AM 27-01-98 +0100, Gregory A. Landrum wrote:
>> 	Currently there is nothing that lets me display math, and it looks like
>> 	what whatever is coming will not address these needs either.
>> Try the TechExplorer plugin for a current solution.
>I thought this was a great idea.  Then I went to the TechExplorer
>page and discovered that it is only available for Windows systems.

You can download the latest versions of the techexplorer plugin
from the IBM AlphaWorks page.  You will find there versions for
Windows 95/NT, AIX 4.1, and Solaris 2.5.  The URL is:

Sam Dooley
IBM Research

Received on Tuesday, 27 January 1998 09:28:20 UTC