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> Is it still the ambition of the HTML-Math WG to define 
> such a language for easy math input (and possibly fall-back
> representation of math for web browsers lacking special
> math support) as a layer above the basic MathML layer?

Yes.  However, instead of a single language, we intend to develop many
such languages specialized for various user communities.

 In fact, we have already begun.  Several are already available from
our group member organizations, and several others are in advanced
prototyope stages.  Here is a partial list of MathML software, and the
input languages they offer:

WebEQ 2.2
  Input Language:  WebTeX, a subset of LaTeX with table and
                   interactivity extensions. 
  Wysiwyg editing: Yes		   
  Translation:     WebTeX -> MathML

  Availability:    30 free-evaluation

IBM Techexplorer

  Input Language:  a larger subset of LaTeX with interactivity and
                   multivedia, and computer algebra extensions.
  Translation:     LaTeX <-> MathML
  Wysiwyg editing: No

  Availability:    free beta

EZ Math
  Input Language:  a simple markup language based on natural language.
                   for example "integral from 0 to pi of sin ax wrt x"
  Translation:     EZ Math -> Mathml
  Wysiwyg Editing: No

  Availability:    free


  Input Language:  MathML  (The Amaya browser has native MathML rendering)
  Translation:     none
  Wysiwyg Editing: Yes

  Availability:    free

Design Science (Makers of MathType 4.0), Waterloo Maple, and Wolfram
Research have all announced MathML capable software with various
translation features. 

As to your second question, as to whether we have made a Unicode
submission of math characters, the answer is again yes.  The MathML
1.0 Spec contains character tables with well over a thousand
characters.  Many hundred which do not have Unicode points were
identified, and a submission was made.  

Perhaps my colleagues fro the group with more understanding of the Unicode process
will elaborate in spearate messages.

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