Easy math input language; Unicode extension

1. Extended-MML?

Robert Miner <rminer@geom.umn.edu> wrote on this list some seven
months ago [1]:

> We really do understand how important, short, human-readable input
> syntaxes are.  Clearly, your particular needs aren't met by MathML and
> would be met by an input syntax more like LaTeX.  We are very aware
> that most people are in this category.  
> Our intention has always been to provide that short, easy input
> syntax, and this is exactly what Extended-MML is supposed to do.
> Defining this language is the main business of the HTML-Math working
> group for the coming year.  It is our expectation also that authors
> would use MathML extensions as the typical method of interacting

Is it still the ambition of the HTML-Math WG to define 
such a language for easy math input (and possibly fall-back
representation of math for web browsers lacking special
math support) as a layer above the basic MathML layer?

2. Extension of Unicode

The charter of the HTML-Math WG [2] contains this passage:

> It will be desirable to request from Unicode the registration of
> a large number of characters used in mathematics but as yet with
> no place in Unicode. 

Has such a request been made? If so, is it publicly available?

3. References

[1] <http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-math/msg00024.html> 1998-04-30

[2] <http://www.w3.org/Math/charter.html> 1998-04-30

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