Re: Math Markup is too awkward.


At 06:15 AM 24/07/97 -0400, Dave Raggett wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Jul 1997, Nick Sushkin wrote:
>> In the form proposed the math markup language is very awkward. One
>> perhaps will have to convert from LaTeX and then reedit MMML
>> manually. Compare LaTeX syntax to MMML: 
>> LaTeX:  (x+2)^2
>> MMML:
>> <MSUP>
>>   <MROW>
>>     <MF>(</MF>
>>       <MROW> 
>>         <MI>x</MI> 
>>         <MO>+</MO>
>>         <MN>2</MN> 
>>       </MROW> 
>>     <MF>)</MF>
>>   </MROW> 
>>   <MN>2</MN>
>> </MSUP>
>> I don't want to type MMML, no way. It's ridiculous.
>You won't have to type MathML directly. There will be a number
>of ways to avoid this, e.g. by using a filter from other formats
>or using a template editor such as in Word and FrameMaker. W3C's
>Amaya browser/editor will include such a feature.
>I am working on an easier to write format (EzMath) that can be
>used to translate into MathML, e.g.
>  (x+2)^2

If this is the case, why was it decided to go with a markup approach to 
math?  Wouldn't it have been simpler to have browsers interpret the easier-
to-write format?  Is there any reason why the notation of MINSE [1] was 
not used as a base on which to build?


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