RE: WebDAV Jigsaw: /tmp Required???

> I'm going to change CvsRunner to use -m instead.  If you'd 
> like diffs, I'd be happy to supply the changes I make.

See the diff attached.  There is also one more thing that may need to be changed.  If I understand this correctly, cvs_wrapper is invoked to make the actual CVS calls.  If that is the case, cvs_wrapper will need to be modified to keep the quotes intact.  We aren't using the cvs_wrapper script yet, but we may be soon (for the momement, we're working on Windows only and cvs_wrapper didn't work for us on Windows).  If/when we do that, I'll submit a diff for that as well.

BTW, this is a diff generated against the 2.2.2 sources.  We have put them in our CVS repository to track the changes we've been requesting.  The changes are pretty trivial, but if you want me to supply them against the actual 2.2.2 sources (or the CVS sources), let me know.

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Received on Tuesday, 10 June 2003 15:37:38 UTC