RE: WebDAV Jigsaw: /tmp Required???

> >
> > I'm working with Brett on this problem.  The code appears 
> to hard-code
> > this value in org.w3c.cvs.CvsRunner:
> >
> >     private static final File tmpdir = new File("/tmp");
> >     public static boolean debug = true;
> [..]
> > I'm wondering what's the best way for us to change this?  
> I'm assuming
> > we would write our own version of CvsRunner, but I'd like 
> to change our
> > CvsRunner to pick the tmp dir up from a props file 
> somewhere.  Is there
> > another example of doing something like this we could use?  
> Would this
> > class have access to any properties set in, say, server.props?
> I will change this to use the default temp dir (using 
> File.createTempFile)
> Does it solve the problem, or do you want a way to sepcify 
> the temp dir?
> Thanks,

Just thinking through this problem a bit more, and after finding out that we're now having problems with the -F parameter when the argument has a space in the name (e.g. on Windows platforms, a typical temp directory is "C:\Documents and Settings\user"), could this code be easily be switched to use the -m option instead?  -m allows you to specify the comment inline with the command.  This seems to be to be a bit less resource intensive and at the same time fixes the problem of spaces in the directory names that we're having.

I'm going to change CvsRunner to use -m instead.  If you'd like diffs, I'd be happy to supply the changes I make.

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Received on Friday, 6 June 2003 17:09:21 UTC