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servlet 2.2 context url

From: Werner Hennrich <wehe@gmx.at>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:06:30 +0100
To: <www-jigsaw@w3c.org>
Hello Jigsaw-Team, hello everybody!

I'd like to run my web applications (written against tomcat 3.2)
from within Jigsaw 2.2.0 and have some problems:

the Jigsaw-Dox says
> Jigsaw is compatible with the Servlet Specification version
> 2.2. (except .war files)
(in http://www.w3.org/Jigsaw/Doc/User/servlets.html)

at the moment, I doubt this...

I've installed tomcat's jsp engine and it worx fine for jsp files
in the root-web und the directories contained under it -
but I could not get that working using a PassDirectory - JSP won't find
the source files then.

IMHO a web application for the servlet 2.2 api needs to
get its own context assigned within the servers name space.
This would be very important as the ServletContext's RequestDispatcher
map all local requests (for forwards to JSPs) *within* (i.e. relative
to) the web applications context.

read what Sun's 'Servlet Api Sec 2.2' states:

> 9.4 Directory Structure
> A web application exists as a structured hierarchy of directories.
> The root of this hierarchy serves as
> a document root for serving files that are part of this context.
> For example, for a web application
> located at /catalog in a web server, the index.html file located
> at the base of the web application hierarchy can be served to
> satisfy a request to /catalog/index.html.

So how do I set up a web-application in Jigsaw *without* using a .war then?
???? Is there a place to set up an application context as in Tomcat's
server.xml file ????

Thank very much you for your assistance,
Received on Monday, 25 February 2002 10:04:56 UTC

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