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From: vinay sambyal <vinay_2kb@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 12:03:29 -0500 (EST)
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i am facing a problem in tracking the HttpSession. 
My problem is ::

  I have three Classes .

Class A : its a servlet that checks for the type of
request like a request may be for getting some movies
name .. etc... & i handle that request in another
class say Class B . Class B has the functions which
handles the requests .

When i handle a request say for the first time for a
user in the class B , before returning from the
function in class B i span(start) a thread say Class C

to which i pass the HttpSession & in the Class C i set
some values in the session .

Now my problem is If there is a request from the same
user again but a different type of request , I am
unable to get the values  from the session which i set
in thread class C .This different request is handled
in the different function of Class B . 
 I am also doing getSession in the function where i
want to get the values .But it creates a different
session .I mean a new session  because of  which i am
unable to get the stored values . But if i try to get
the values in the same function where i started the
thread by making the current thread to sleep i am able
to get the values ..

I am using Iplanet Server , Solaris .. Also i have set
the time to 3600 min before the session dies ..

Kindly suggest some solution .

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