Re: Maximum number of proxy connections

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Niklas Wiberg wrote:

> Hello
> I have three questions:
> 1. Does anyone have any experience from using Jigsaw as a proxy in a
> large scale?

I used it with only 10 people browsing through it, so it is not "large
scale" yet. the cache in 2.0 it using a big database, which may lead to
performance problem if it becomes too big, in the current devel version of
2.1 it uses one small database per cache generation, it is faster to load
and faster to save, a few things are still to be coded in it like clean
support for negotiated resources, but it's mostly there.

> 2. Is there any particular reason for the hard 200 concurrent TCP
> connections ("on both ends") limit? You can't set it above 200 outgoing
> OR ingoing in jigadmin... As I see it, it's dependent on the hardware
> resources available (memory, CPU etc.) if you can manage more
> connections.

It is a limitation in the porperty file of jigadmin only, to change this,
unzip in the config directory and edit
and rezip

Note that you can type directly the value in the textfile next to the
slider. Of course you have a limitation on the number of file descriptors
used, and if the proxy is using the cache, you have a maximum 3 times the
number of clients connected.
Also, don't forget to change the max number of connections in the Proxy

> 3. Is the limit easy to change and recompile or does it involve changing
> of jigadmin, jigadm etc.?

No recompilation needed, see above :)
Note that the properties are also used to describe how the interface will
build itself from the description of the resources given by the server,
even if the resource is not known from the client.

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