Re: Regarding Connection pooling

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Veena T wrote:

> Hai,
> I am using jigsaw server for my web tool that uses the applet and
> servlets. The servlets form the back end and they are going to connect
> to the database.
> For managing the transactions I am planning to use the connection
> pooling concept. Will jigsaw readily support database connection
> pooling? I am asking this doubt since I came to know that it is not just
> enough if the server supports servlets. Only if the server is supports
> the connection pooling concept then only it mey be implemented.
> Please reply as soon as possible

A while ago, I started to do one, it is not finished yet, and not yet in
the cvs base, I can give it to you in an unfinished state, it should
already work, only some limit checks are missing.

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