Re: Regarding Connection pooling

If this can help :
as I understand, you're using servlets to connect to a database; so it might
not be a Jigsaw problem but a servlet problem, for having a pool of
connection to a database.

Here's a source code that I'm developping for managing database connectionS

It's not finished but you'll got the idea.
In my architecture, I've got a main servlet processing user's request; this
main servlet then call auxiliary servlet,

here is an example for calling another servlet, passing parameters :
RequestDispatcher dispatch =
etServletContext().getRequestDispatcher( SqlServlet + "?File=" + Mess1 +
Mess2 + Mess4 );

witch retrieve parameters and process sql stored in files.
Remark : this one use Oracle connection witch is different from others type
of connection.
Regards J Brax

Received on Thursday, 20 January 2000 08:59:56 UTC