Proxy Configuration Problems

I'm trying to set up Jigsaw (2.03 with sun's java 1.2.2 on NT) as a proxy
which adds additional HTTP headers to the incoming GET request and forwards
the request to the destination server.  
I'm reading which not only
shows a different user-interface for jigadmin (I get a swing based GUI using
both jigadm.bat and jigadmin.bat) but has instructions like "create an
instance of ... by clicking on the space node".  The folders which show up
on the left are TOTALLY different and space doesn't seem to be present.

I've tried this:
	Select http-server button
	Added resource in /root:
		Identifier proxy
	Selected proxy and "Added resource to selected frame"
		Classname org.w3c.jigsaw.proxy.ProxyFrame
	Then proxy shows up in Properties tab
	clicking on the proxy button does nothing

Help please?  If anyone could help me with a simple java module to add 3
additional HTTP headers that would be great.  I've never programmed in Java
before :-)

Received on Thursday, 6 January 2000 23:11:07 UTC