Can anyone tell me how to use Java Applet in Jigsaw?

	I am just wondering if anyone know how to use Java Applet with
Jigsaw? I have a scorer.html file in jigsaw server. I try to run it on the
web browser and it seems like the jigsaw server doesn't know where to find
the class file for the java applet. Here is a part of the scorer.html that
includes the java applet class as following:
<APPLET CODE=ImgView.class WIDTH=520 HEIGHT=320>
	<PARAM NAME=numberOfPhotos VALUE="3">
	<PARAM NAME=maxZoomIn      VALUE="3">
	<PARAM NAME=backColor      VALUE="0,0,0">
	<PARAM NAME=titlesColor    VALUE="255, 225 ,0">
	<PARAM NAME=listBackColor  VALUE="255, 255, 204">
	<PARAM NAME=toc            VALUE="ImgView.toc">
	<B>Your browser can't run java applets...</B>
I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me how to set the configuration
for java applet in  jigsaw server. Thanks.

Yanto Nyam

Received on Friday, 25 June 1999 03:58:37 UTC